Laughing Gas INFO

We all know that using laughing gas makes us laughing – a lot actually – which is funny. It is also important to know what else does the nitrous oxide do. Information about safety, its purposes, the impact on the environment, the law requirements on nitrous oxide and many more information can be found here.

What is laughing gas?

The laughing gas is also known as nitrous oxide, nitrous, N2O, nitro or NOS. These former definitions are mostly met in chemistry but also many websites use them to sell N2O in their products’ descriptions. It is very important to know that at room temperature the gas has no color, but it has a nice slightly sweet odour and taste. It is not a flammable gas, but it is usually found in under pressure cartridges, so be very careful how you handle those. As we mentioned before, its main purpose is to make people laugh, but it is also used to obtain fresh whipped cream, of course with the proper equipment.

How do you inhale the laughing gas?

People usually inhale nitrous oxide through balloons. Some hardcore inhalers prefer do inhale the gas straight from the charger (also known as canister or cartridge), but this is very dangerous. You risk to freeze your mouth and your respiratory tract and you cannot control the volume of the gas that goes into your mouth.

Why do people inhale laughing gas?

People usually take N2O for fun. The laughing gas makes them to laugh uncontrollably. Furthermore, one of the many effects of the N2O is that it takes away or diminish any pain you have for a while. Furthermore, you will feel like you float or have mild-dream hallucinations. Also, you can hear a lot of weird sounds.

Are there any side effects of laughing gas?

Basically, the nitro does not hurt you in any way, unless you combine it with alcohol, then you will probably feel like you are going to throw up. Sometimes, after inhaling nitro, you will be really clumsy and in many occasions people fall over and hurt themselves, so you need to be very careful. Headaches usually are common and if you inhale too much laughing gas, there is a big probability for you to faint.

How long do you feel affected by the laughing gas?

In most cases you feel the effects of the laughing gas instantly or in a couple of seconds. This feeling lasts only for a few minutes, unless you inhale more N2O, which is not recommended.

Can you become an addict to the laughing gas?

There are people who are addicted to the laughing gas, because the gas itself can be considered a drug. As any other drug it comes with an addiction. If you use the recommended dosage, then you do not have to worry, nothing bad will happen to you. Most people use it for recreationally purposes once in a while and they are not addicted to it.

Can you mix nitrous oxide with alcohol?

The answer is clear: NO! It makes you feel really bad and you will become more prone to accidents.

Have you used a lot NOS?

Scientific researchers discovered that long-term use of laughing gas can affect your vitamins levels in general and in particular the B12 vitamin. The most common damages are to your finders and toe nerves. If this happens, you need treatment as quickly as possible, otherwise the damage may be permanent.

How to reduce the risks when taking laughing gas?

If you take the recommended dosage nothing will happen to you anyway. But if you still are afraid of the potential risks, then you will want to follow the next steps:
  1. When you decide to inhale the gas from a balloon, sit down. In this way you avoid falling down, because the nitrous oxide affects your motor control.
  2. It is recommended to inhale the gas for no more than 30 seconds. Otherwise, you could suffocate yourself.
  3. To make it more exciting, people usually put a plastic bag over their head to increase the high sensation. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! People have died because of this.
  4. Do not inhale the laughing gas directly from the gas canister. Your respiratory tract may freeze.
  5. Use only medical or “food grade” nitrous oxide bought from specialized shop.
Do not confuse the nitrous oxide (N2O or NOS) with Nitrix Oxide (NO). This is extremely poisonous.

Is it illegal?

Laughing gas is not illegal. You can buy it only from specialized shops and only for recreational purposes. For any other purpose, nitrous oxide is illegal.

Is it bad for the planet?

It was scientifically demonstrated that nitrous oxide damages the ozone layer and has a major contribution to global warming.

What other purposes the nitrous oxide has?

The laughing gas or the nitrous oxide can be used to make fresh whipped cream. This is completely legal and you can buy all the tools and the nitrous oxide gas itself from our web-shop. All you need to have is a nitrous oxide charger and a whip cream dispenser. This is excellent if you want to organize a party. You can find Whip Cream Starter Packs in our store.