Nitrous Oxide

The laughing gas, also called nitrous oxide (N2O) in chemistry is a type of gas that we all know is usually used in whipped cream business. The whipped cream cartridges are often used by professional whipped cream specialists. The gas from these cartridges contains N2O. This gas, N2O, besides being used for whipped cream, it can be also used as laughing gas.
How does this work?

To use N2O as laughing gas (where you literally go laughing) you need some supplies. Firstly, there are the balloons; balloons that are essential because your laughing gas cannot be consumed otherwise. You also need the whip cream cartridges, also known as nitrous oxide cartridges. Finally, you need a cracker. Bellow you can read all about that.

A cracker is used to release the gas from the whipped cream cartridges. With a cracker is easier than using a cream syringe. Mostly, it is because the cracker is much handier; you open the cracker and place the gas cartridge inside. After that, close the cracker and place the balloon tightly over one end of the cracker where the two tiny holes are. Once you start twisting the cracker, the gas cartridge is pierced and the nitrous oxide gas is released into the balloon.
Starter set

With a starter set, you order balloons, nitrous oxide cartridges and a cracker in one package. Everything is for a reasonable price of only 15 euros!

If you want to buy more, then you can buy everything by x number. (50, 75, 100 balloons and the same with cartridges). But in this case, we can no more call you a beginner but a professional laugher!